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SHOP 2, 40 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds, Vic 3039

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1 Hour Alcohol Delivery Parkville - Buy Liquor Online

Whether you’re strictly quarantined or finishing your last beer and like the convenience of having your favourite booze delivered within an hour, just call Matthews Liquor. As the leading online alcohol delivery service in Melbourne, we have been delivering many varieties of liquor and spirits across Parkville and its surrounding areas. Our inventory has a wide range of spirits and liquors sourced from local and international markets and are perfectly stored for consumption. In case if you require bulk deliveries for big gatherings or want to refill your stash of liquors for your home bar, we’re just a swipe away.


Why Matthews Liquor?

  • We offer 1 hour of alcohol delivery across Parkville and its surroundings.

  • Our collection of age-old wines to rare editions, Beers, Moscato, Cognac, Whiskey, Spirits, are competitively priced and are sourced from local and international markets.

  • From bulk deliveries to weekly specials, we come up with seasonal spirits, party trending beers, for you and ensure that you will find your favourite booze in our inventory.


What Do We Offer?

Wines - White, Red and Rose Wine

Want to relax with some tasty wines? We have some classic white wine, red and rose wine collections’ including rare editions and age-old wines to taste and will get delivered right to your door.


Beer - Craft Beers, Local & International Beers

Planning a beer party? Let us be a part of it. Our inventory has the best varieties of Australian international beers and locally brewed beers. We will deliver them and you can get your party rolling!



Experience the best of the Asian spirits from Matthews Liquor. Check out our list of spirits waiting at Matthews Liquor - Asian Spirits, Whiskey, Cognac, Liqueurs, RTD, and more. Whether it’s a whiskey or rum, cognac or liqueurs and RTDs, we can deliver it to your door within an hour.


Sparkling Champagne

If the name sparkling champagne conjures you, you’re not alone. We can provide the best tasting sparkling Champagnes sourced from local and international markets and they are sure to make your day special.



Whenever you’re craving for a sweet wine that won’t weigh you down, Moscatos are a sure bet. We have some rare collection of Moscatos from across International Markets. From bittersweet to spicy sharps, you can order your favourite Moscato from Matthews Liquor.



Want a fruity drink to suit your spicy meals? We have some good-tasting ciders that are perfect for your mealtime.


Soft Drinks, Snacks, & Extras

Choose from a wide range of soft drinks from us and get your party going. We have something tasty for your non-alcoholic friends. We have a great collection of tasty alternatives like chilled cokes to sour lemonades, and many low-carb drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.


Shop liquor online now from Matthews Liquor inventory at affordable prices and get it delivered right to your doorstep.