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Shop 4-5, 112-120 Main Road East, St Albans, Vic 3021

Phone: (03) 9310 9459


1 Hour Alcohol Delivery Kealba - Buy Liquor Online

Matthews’s liquor offers a great variety of cocktails, wine, beer, cognac, Moscato and more in Kealba and its surrounding suburbs. We have sourced our collection of craft beers, boutique fine wine, cognac, rare whiskey, craft gin, and trendy Japanese whiskey from popular brands and are available at a competitive price. Whether it is a boring Tuesday night or weekend party hour, we have everything that you are looking for.


Why Matthews Liquor?

  • We offer alcohol delivery in Kealba and its surrounding suburbs.

  • We provide the best varieties of alcohol for consumption and our selection of liquors are sourced from local and international markets.

  • You will have great options to choose from our inventory list of craft beer, wine, cognac, Moscato, ciders, spirits, soft drinks, snacks, and more

  • On top of all, you can discover new flavours, brands, rare editions only at Matthews Liquor.

  • With so many different alcohol delivery platforms across Kealba, Matthews Liquor sticks to the best and delivers within an hour express alcohol delivery.


What Do We Offer?


Wines - White Wine & Red Wine

Searching for the best quality wines? We offer a wide range of wines including white wines and red wines from popular brands, limited editions, and more.


Beer - Craft Beers, Local & International Beers

We have the best varieties of Australian and imported beers from local breweries and international beers. So, whenever you are throwing a party, ensure to pick a beer from us.


Spirits - Asian Spirits, Whiskey, Cognac, Liqueurs, RTD

What type of alcohol do you prefer? Whether it’s a whiskey, gin, vodka or rum, cognac, liqueurs, RTDs, you can shop the best varieties of spirits and liquors online at Mathews Liquor.


Sparkling & Champagne

What’s a celebration without champagne? Our selection of champagne and sparkling wines is the ultimate starter for your private parties. 



This is the best gift you can give your dear one. Moscatos are rare wines and we have them for you. From peaches to small oranges, you can order your favourite flavoured Moscato wine from Matthews Liquor. 



Want something sour and sharp? Our collection of ciders is luscious, fruity, and can be the perfect partner for your mealtime gatherings.


Soft drinks, Snacks, & Extras

From chilled cokes to sour lemonades, we also treat you with soft drinks like cola, low-carb drinks, and other spicy foods that are hot and crisp. 


Looking to order some? Order now from Matthews Liquor inventory at competitive prices throughout Melbourne.